Girls Gone Crazy…

No. Seriously! CRAZY!

I went out with my friend Emily yesterday and together, we go mental. We go in like a hysterical mood every time and act like little kids.

Trying to copy my selfie pose

And last night jacked up on (one) chocolate cupcakes, we went MENTAL. We were like little kids on a massive sugar rush.


I did her make-up and she did my hair. We both looked like we had makeovers from two-year-olds.

We also messed around on Snapchat; a bad idea.

What has she done to me?!

We had so much fun, and it’s been one of the best nights I’ve had all year. Yeah we go mental, and my Dad called me a Lemon, but sometimes we need to have those nights with friends where we go mental and let loose because it’s great for the brain. Honestly!

Them eyebrows haha!

AC xo

P.S- Love you Ems, sorry for the embarrassing pictures.


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