Makeup Favourites | The Basics

I would say my makeup skills are limited as I tend to stick to more natural looks and don’t branch out on more adventurous looks. Even though I may speak like I know a lot, I can assure you that whilst I know how to do eyebrows or how to achieve a cat eye (I’ve watched all of the videos), I know nothing about applicating this on my own face. The longest time I’ve spent on my face is 30 mins and that’s because I decided to dab slowly.

Over the last few years I’ve been wearing makeup, I’ve perfected how to apply my base, a little bit of blusher and a cheeky highlight (even that’s questionable).

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. Here are my makeup favourites for a basic/ natural look (in no particular order):



Dream Satin Liquid– I had an issue with the last foundation I had as it kept sinking into my pores. I was using Primer but it didn’t help, it still sunk. I love this foundation by Maybelline New York, it’s soft and feels silky on my skin. Coverage is good and I feel confident wearing the foundation.

Maybelline New York, FIT me! concealer– This has to be my favourite concealer of ALL time and I’ve only had four concealers. I love that it’s easy to apply and easy to blend in. I think this is shade 15 and it’s slightly darker than my foundation because I bought this before the Maybelline foundation. Coverage lasts throughout the day- it is a trusty and reliable concealer.


Nivea, BB cream– Alternatively, to using foundation but still looking for coverage, a good substitute is BB cream. I know people use this differently but I use this as a tinted moisturiser. I find that using this gives my face a soft glow. So whilst going for a makeup free look but not feeling confident to go completely makeup free, this is a good substitute. I use Nivea’s BB cream, it’s so soft and light on my skin and smells fresh and summery. Why is it that Nivea products smell so good?

Nivea, Express Hydrating Primer- This primer was the first one I’d ever used and will probably be the only one I will use. As well as the usual benefits of using primer, I love that this is light and soft on my face. Some creams can feel heavy and thick but this isn’t the case here. I don’t think I have anything negative to say about this primer, it’s easy application and glides over my skin. Also, it smells so good.




Let’s start off with eyebrows, I’ve been using Gimme Brow by Benefit for a short while now and I’ve enjoyed using it. I never thought I’d be that person who puts makeup on their eyebrows, it’s a bizarre concept but I have noticed the difference. Filling my eyebrows in with Gimme Brow has made my eyebrows look bolder and fuller, still looking natural. Having products that look natural is a must for me.

Maybelline New York, The Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette– I’ve yet to try the shades on the right hand of the palette. But for now, I’m enjoying using my two favourite shades of this palette; white and the pink next to it. The eyeshadow has a little glimmer in it, which adds a bit of depth and subtlety.

Barry M, Get up & Glow– I have no idea whether they still make this palette, I got it for my birthday ages ago and I use it for the highlighter and blusher. A palette is great for trying new things. This palette comes with a few blush shades, bronzer and highlighter.


These are a few of my Makeup favourites that I have been loving.

AC xo


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