Farewell, I’m Moving….

…my blog to Blogger.

After a long think, and internal debate, I’ve come to the decision that I will be transferring my blog to Blogger.


It’s going to be sad leaving WordPress and a massive change since WordPress has been there since the beginning but it’s not me anymore. I’m moving over to Blogger for many reasons. Mainly because all I ever wanted to do is blog and WordPress just seems to offer so much more that I don’t want.

I’ve asked myself a million times ‘Are you sure?’ and it all comes down to a gut feeling. There are so many reasons as to why I’ve made this decision but it ultimately comes down to what is good for me. And unfortunately, I don’t think WordPress is good for me anymore.

WordPress is great, don’t get me wrong but I’m not sure I’m suited to it anymore. I feel like WordPress is suited more towards businesses and for people who want to advance their sites. And that’s not what I set up my blog for. I feel like I’m pressuring and forcing myself to become someone I’m not.

I’ve also noticed that the quality of my posts has weakened over the years from when I first started out on MorganGirl1999. I used to be fearless and confident in writing my posts but now, like I said, I feel pressured into writing in a particular way and I’m losing sight of what is me. I feel intimidated by everyone else and I’m not usually a person who is intimidated easily. And so, I’m sure moving over will bring quality and confidence back up again.

It’s not been an easy decision but it’s what is best for me. I hope you will continue to support me and maybe come visit me sometime. I hope to have the blog all set up by next week and my new URL will be aoifecaitriona.co.uk or something similar. Come follow me on Social Media to keep up with everything. My links are on the About Page and my Insta is linked.

I’ve had fun WordPress but farewell,

AC xo


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